Happy Birthentine's Day!

Today is a special day. Not just Valentine's Day, but it's also my baby sister's birthday.  While growing up, February 14th rolled around and we always looked forward to celebrating a family birthday first and foremost. But given the spirit of the holiday, my mother always made sure we were loved with a cute little valentine for each of us.

In the spirit of the date on YOUR calendar today, I present to you my brand new I Love You greeting cards. In the spirit of the date on MY calendar,  I bring you the Happy Birthday line as well. They are both available in each of the 5 colors I knew best growing up; Chris's, Lilly's, mine, Jessy's and Mandy's (Blue, Green, Red, Yellow and Purple).

So remember, whether you like this day or not...it's Mandy's birthday! 

Becky SchrummComment