Hey RP, what exactly is custom branding?

Branding, in short, is what I do. But seriously, what is it? Think of it this way: If you decorate your living room and start with pops of red lamps, picture frames and candle holders to mix with the brown leather couches, and mix in some white pillows, curtains and throws to pull in the molding and trim, you're basically theming that room. You're giving everything a look and feel that ties it all together.

You might be most familiar with business branding. What I offer businesses is a complete branding portfolio. I begin by designing a custom logo. Once the logo is established, I come up with a color palette, secondary logo variations, typography, social media graphics and backgrounds, document styles, stamps, watermarks, imagery supplements and a business card. This is what I refer to as a branding kit. Once the branding phase is complete, you would have everything a business needs to represent them in print and on the web. With a cohesive look and feel representing your business, customers will trust in you and your product or service. A loyal client-base is worth it's weight in gold, so it's a smart idea to invest wisely in your brand.

If a brand is a theme, sounds like something we can apply to many things, right? Totally! You might not have a business on your hands, but are you planning an event? Perhaps you're hearing wedding bells soon...well there's no better event to stick a brand on! Think about it, you mail out Save the Dates, Bridal Shower Invitations and Formal Invitations with RSVP Cards to hundreds of loved ones. And then you welcome them to your big day where you have seat assignments, table names, a carefully selected menu, and even signs telling your crowd where to migrate and when to do so. Through your entire wedding planning process you have the opportunity to familiarize people with your big day. I can give you a newlyweds-to-be logo for all of your pieces, work with a special color palette, and create a style and imagery that carry through your engagement. Give your entire communications process a brand. Your guests will love the mark you make on your wedding.

Perhaps you've already strolled down the aisle. And now you're onto bigger and better challenges like children. Through your perpetually hectic family schedule, you can actually kick-back and relax a bit while I help you do some party coordination. I can theme baby showers, birthday parties and even graduation celebrations. Give your soiree some love with coordinating invitations, banners, table cards, straw flags, treat bag tops, bottle labels and more. After all, everyone digs a good party theme.

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I'll leave you with some visual treats of marketing materials I designed for one of my amazing clients who recently worked with me to beef up her brand for April K. Photography (http://www.aprilkphoto.com). April's branding kit not only included these marketing and packaging pieces, but her social, website and trademarking presence as well. Check out these shots, courtesy of A{K}P herself, and see how you could also benefit from a well developed brand.