Enjoy Your Engagement

Engaged? Planning a wedding? Planning to plan a wedding? Well listen up, because this one's for you. Wedding branding might seem like a luxurious, unnecessary expense. But it's not. It's an economical and intelligent decision on so many counts. 

With an RP Design wedding brand package, you will have a style that is carried all the way from asking people to save a date right up until you tell them where to sit. That's over 6 months of paper communication that you're sending out and setting up for your wedding guests. Might as well make it look good!

Think about all of the paper notices, invitation and other communication you might have printed for a wedding. And then think about all of the various vendors, websites, printers and referrals you need to dig through to find just the right one. Well, I say skip all of that searching and let me help you with ALL of it!

Let's run through the essential checklist and learn how RP Design can design and print everything for you. I will put together a completely custom branding package that includes everything you need. Hand the list to me, and sit back and enjoy your engagement!

  1. Save the Date: You're in love and finally planning the rest of your life! You've chosen a venue and a date. You have your bridal party and groomsmen all queued up. Next step: tell everyone to mark their calendars! Instead of crawling online invitation vendors to find the perfect Save the Date, you'll have a custom design experience where I create one that sets the theme for your wedding day.
  2. Wedding Invitations: Next up, you have to start ordering your formal wedding invitations. From my initial consultation with you, I have all the details to create these for you, on time and exactly how you'd like! 
  3. Bridal Shower Invitation: Time flies when you're engaged, and you're about to get showered with wedding gifts! Your bridesmaids have been so wonderful, and it would be nice to help them knock something off their to-do list. With my branding package, you will have a bridal shower invitation all prepared and printed for them.
  4. Rehearsal Dinner Invitation: It's time to start thinking about your rehearsal dinner. You might very well decide to send out invitations for this, which will be easy enough since the design is created within your branding package. Eliminate yet another online invitation search.
  5. Ceremony Program: The big day is quickly approaching and you finally have all of the details for your ceremony program. Since we have already established a template for this, we can just drop-in the details, names and messaging and you're good to go. 
  6. Table Menu: The food and cake tastings were delicious, and now the menu is set. We can very easily include this printed piece in your package and send it to print as soon as the table menu is final.
  7. Table Names and Place Cards: Your seating chart was a puzzle, but everything has been laid out and you're ready to assign everyone their place. Let me take another task off your list and include your place cards in your brand package. Also, you might be excited to practice your penmanship on hundreds of cards, but if not I can also provide individual printing of names. And you'll probably need some small signage for your tables...no problem!
  8. Extra Signage, Gift Bag Notes, Favors: Perhaps there are some extras that you've been searching high and low for, such as banners, signage, drink menus, favor labels, hotel gift bag tags and directions. All of this can be included in your brand package!
  9. Thank You Cards: And once the main event is all over and you're stocked-up on after-sun aloe lotion from the honeymoon...it's time to crank out those thank you cards. These will be printed and ready for you. You might also want these well before the wedding to send as soon as you start receiving gifts from your awesome friends and loved ones. 

Your entire paper goods process can be simplified by using one design resource. I have partnered with a professional printer to have everything printed for you at an affordable price, high quality and in plenty of time. There's a variety of paper choices, envelopes and custom data printing (addresses, names) too! Working directly with RP Design for all of your wedding brand materials will save time, money and stress! 

Let RP Design help you enjoy your engagement a little more. Pop some bubbly and toast to a bunch of to-do's checked off your list!

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