Social Media Feeds Need Brand Love Too

We're all on social media, all day every day. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We've mastered the art of the one thumb scroll (but then again, so have most toddlers). Whether it's our lunch break and we're hopping on for a quick update of our network's recent happenings, or scrolling to get the latest as we sip our bleary eyed morning coffee, there's one thing we can all agree on; pictures grab our attention and catch our eye.

Let's face it, although we're nothing without words, images speak a thousand of them. With this in mind it would be smart for you to consider marketing your business with some creative collateral to support your posts. Take the time to curate some tasteful imagery, or perhaps work with your favorite graphic designer to create these social sharing blocks of branded goodness.

Salty Anchor offers a free consultation to discuss your social media needs and any ideas you have. All you need to do is come up with your messaging and I will create your own set of branded blocks that represent your business and spice up your feeds. 

Take a peak below at some of the recent social media hits for my clients. With images like these, they are able to project their messaging with a refined and well branded look. The bonus and beauty of these social blocks is that they work across all of your website and social media channels.