How Do I Love Squarespace, Let Me Count the Ways

How do I love Squarespace, let me count the ways...and no, I don’t get kickbacks from them. I truly just have a design crush.

I design a lot of websites for clients using the website builder platform Squarespace.  It's my preferred solution for clients and here’s why...

  1. After a new website is launched, even the technologically-challenged can easily update content. You don’t have to depend on that developer (whose name and number you lost months ago) to do it for you, so gone are the days of outdated plugins and complicated hosting woes.
  2. All templates are mobile-friendly by nature. No paying someone to make it look good on phones and tablets.  
  3. The best-of-both-worlds: a template-driven tool which makes it easy to work with, but with tons of layout choice all conveniently customized by me.
  4. Lots of great options for me to incorporate your content, such as photos, audio, video, calendars, maps, blogs, etc. I can also set up a brilliant e-commerce site for you.
  5. It’s best friends with services like MailChimp — for sending out newsletters— and Google Apps, so goodbye integration nightmares.
  6. They’re constantly adding new features and getting better and better.
  7. Their support team is beyond amazing with around-the-clock help always available to you.
  8. They host your site and give you a free domain name for your first year, so you’re not paying multiple companies yearly fees. It all happens in one place.
  9. Your site looks awesome, in all browsers. Yes, even Internet Explorer.
  10. It has user-friendly metrics so you can easily track site traffic and performance.

Check out two of my most recent Squarespace sites. Each of the projects below also included my custom graphic design branding services.

Special kudos to my good friend Vicki over at Ritterband Communications who I teamed up with to write the website content for these particular projects. She's a wordsmith wizard...with her own Squarespace website in the pipeline too! 

Have any questions? If you're in the market for a new, affordable website and have been putting off the task, now's the time to reach out to Salty Anchor to schedule your free website consultation. I will explain the process, answer any questions and dash any fears you might have. Redesigning your website doesn't have to be as complicated as you might think, I promise you!