Salty Anchor: Your Graphic Design Partner & Brand Manager

Imaginary Interviewer: Word has it that you are an outsourced brand designer and manager for some of your clients. What’s that?

Becky: It’s easiest to explain through an example.  Marc from Wedding Experience puts together wedding expos all over the country. He has a lot of collateral material, both digital and print, things like postcards to send to potential exhibitors, ads, brochures, exhibitor guides, etc.  But the previous designs were all over the place and he knew he needed to bring everything back in focus with regard to his brand. Take one of his postcards as an example: it had lots of different fonts, a smattering of colors that didn’t connect with his logo and too many conflicting styles. Plus there was no consistency from piece to piece — a brand no-no.

Marc and I went back and forth about the image he hoped to project through his marketing materials and I then I translated that into the language of design. 

Imaginary Interviewer: So what did you do exactly? 

Becky: I simplified the color palate and used his logo as a touchstone for other design elements — like fonts, imagery, lines and the like. 

Imaginary Interviewer: And is your relationship ongoing?

Becky: Absolutely. Now I’m very familiar with his branding — since I designed it— so whenever he requires a new piece of collateral (a print piece, web banner, digital PDF, etc.), we talk about his needs, then I design with those guidelines in the back of my mind. It takes a lot off of his plate, having me on-call, and it’s much more affordable than having a designer on staff. 

Imaginary Interviewer: Can show us a few examples of what you’ve done for them? 

Becky: Why I thought you’d never ask.