Brand New / Down the Road Brewery Squarespace Website

Salty's got another Squarespace gem for you and we're all hopped-up! This time we worked with Down the Road Brewery to give them a website experience that looked slick, was mobile friendly and built on a platform that made constant updates a breeze. All things that we know are right up Squarespace's alley.

I chose the Foster template and leveraged the brewery's custom artwork to showcase some beautiful page headers. The site also boasts the event calendar feature to keep everyone in the loop on future events, MailChimp integration and a little bit of custom CSS for some fine tuning. With the help of customized icon design, the website reflects DTR's well established brand and showcases more of what they are all about; fresh, local and inspired craft beer.

I was particularly excited about the recent update announcement from the mothership regarding the new promotional pop ups. This allowed us to include the required age verification form upon a visitors initial site load. Another fun feature was the third party store locator I integrated in order for the brewery fans to find the nearest possible DTR fix based on a straightforward and easy to use location search. 

Take a look at some of our favorite pages below and don't forget to visit the live site for the full experience!