Friday Introductions

Hi everyone! I think it’s about time I dive into this whole #fridayintroductions thing. My name is Becky Schrumm and I’m the owner and creative here at Salty Anchor, a design studio specializing in logo design, branding and Squarespace websites for small businesses. I am passionate about my work and would love to share my skills with your business!

A few fun facts about me...

  1. I run on Dunkin Donuts Raspberry Iced Teas. (Hey Dunks, I'd love to get a sponsorship...let me know what I have to do!)
  2. I organize my days by the light of my Erin Condren Life Planner.
  3. Pickles are my absolute favorite. Especially Grillos Pickles.
  4. Can’t get enough of Joe Rogan (@joerogan). An absolutely hilarious comedian, inspirational go-getter, honest guy and very interesting intellectual. I'm a huge fan of his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. You must give it a listen!
  5. I am forever a Downton Abbey superfan. I love a good period piece, and that series rocked it. Thank you Masterpiece PBS for bringing us the Crawleys.
  6. My software of choice is Adobe’s ever powerful Photoshop. If you are in the creative field in any capacity, I highly recommend you invest in the Adobe Creative Cloud membership. With a monthly subscription you have access to their entire suite of amazing tools!
  7. A lover of hard cider, I've done my research over the years and Bantam Cider out of Somerville, MA holds the title for best cider ever. Especially their Rojo variety, infused with cherry. A female-owned craft cider company and full of variety and sharp flavor. Check them out and visit the taproom just outside of Boston!
  8. I owe my love and knowledge of all things business to my alma mater, Bentley University.
  9. I owe my excitement for travel and exploration to Semester at Sea, my study abroad home in the spring of 2005.
  10. And last but hardly least, I am the lucky wife to my incredible husband Jeff and proud mom to my hilariously adorable one year old son, Tyler. These two guys fuel my passion for life and they challenge me to be a better person every day. 

Small business owners work day in and day out, swapping all of the hats, to further their companies and reach new levels of success. The grind is challenging and there is a lot to juggle. We have to remind ourselves to slow down and step outside of our entrepreneurial role to embrace the reason we do it all...for the love of our family and friends. This is part of the reason I love working with small businesses. We are all on the same page and aboard the same boat. My clients keep me motivated and fire me up with excitement to do what you love and love while you do it.

Photos by the extremely talented Summergrace Photography.

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