Keeping Branding Simple / Your Package Options


Back in 2009, I was on the hunt for a new car. I love bells and whistles, but auto package options became slightly overwhelming as I travelled lot to lot for my next set of wheels. You begin to hem and haw over this feature or that upgrade, hashing out value versus dollars and cents (or is it sense...). I test drove some Acuras and fell in love. Not only with the ride quality and the car itself, but with how simple the packages and options were. There was simply "with the technology package" and "without the technology package" and with that I was sold. Now, of course I wanted the technology package, but what I loved was the clarity. What's better than simple, straightforward packaging and pricing? Nothing.

At Salty Anchor, our mission is to keep branding simple for you so that you can continue to run your business without distraction, hesitation and difficult decision making on this internal initiative project you've probably been putting on the back burner for a while. The Salty package options are simple, straightforward and all come with a fixed price. There's no gotcha, there's no hidden surprise. See the image examples below for a better visual of the following packages you can choose from:

  • Logo Design: Includes a logo design, color palette and suggested fonts. 1 initial version with 3 revisions.
  • Full Brand Design: Includes a logo design, color palette, suggested fonts, alternative logo, patterns, watermark, stamp design and additional icon samples. 1 initial version with 3 revisions.
  • Squarespace Website Design: Includes your Squarespace account setup and domain mapping, template design and customization, layout and basic content setup of up to 11 static pages and/or forms.